Basic 315

Self-aligning hydraulic butt fusion machine, suitable for welding underpressure pipes for water, gas and other fluids up to Ø 315 mm. BASIC 315 is able to weld fittings such as elbows, tees, Y-branches and flange necks without any additional equipment by simply fixing the clamps' drag bar. Available in 230 V.

 Basic 315 Welder, FNQ Plastics Cairns


Elektra 400-800

An electrofusion machine suitable for welding low voltage HDPE and PP couplings (from 8 to 48V) for high pressure conduits.

Elektra 400-800, FNQ Plastics Cairns


Fusion 2

As a result of its extremely compact design and rotatable handle,It is especially suited for tight spaces.

Fusion 2, FNQ Plastics Cairns


Fusion 3

Easiest possible operation thanks to optimal ergonomics and very slim design. With its ideal length of 690 mm, it is ideally suited for use in landfill sites.

Fusion 3, FNQ Plastics Cairns

Diode S

Handy and powerful hot air welding tool with steplessly adjustable welding temperature and external air supply.

Diode S, FNQ Plastics Cairns



The most powerful hot air tool from Leister. Compact, robust and construction site tried and tested.

Electron Welder, FNQ Plastics Cairns


Triac S

The economical hot air tool. Deployed worldwide and very reliable, compact and robust.

Triac S, FNQ Plastics Cairns


Welding Pen S

Ultra-compact and flexible-to-use hot air tool with external air supply and integrated heating element protection.

Welding Pen S, FNQ Plastics Cairns


Weldplast S2 PVC

A screw especially designed for PVC was developed as the centerpiece of this new hand extruder.

Weldplast S2 PVC, FNQ Plastics Cairns

Fusion 3C

Despite its handy length of just 580 mm, it achieves an amazing output rate of 3.6 kg/h.

Fusion 3C, FNQ Plastics Cairns


Hot Jet S

As the most compact hot air tool from Leister, its low weight of just 1.3 lbs, incl. cord and slim handle, ensures fatigue-free welding and high power.

Labor S, FNQ Plastics Cairns


Labor S

Small but scrappy and a jack of all trades. It can be used to weld even difficult to access locations perfectly. It causes almost no fatigue, even for small hands.

Labor S, FNQ Plastics Cairns


Triac PID

The increased welding speed compared with hand welding gives rise to higher productivity.

Triac PID, FNQ Plastics Cairns